Pathways: A blog for Pathways? No, about my experience of it...

I opened a new blog! It is Thursday 4th May 2017

I opened first, 2004 a blog about my life, in French, to prove there is life after 70. Did. For ten years, writing day by day, I build an audience about 200. But living in London, slowly I let it go, when you do not publish regular, you loose your audience.

Later, I published RetroBlog, translating all my diaries from age 10 to 70 into it. It is still there, but I stopped, realising I begun to write diary for exterior and not myself. There are two different needs and ways and I need that intimate contact with some other part of me.

Then, from 2010 this blog about my storytelling, then standup comedy, and I added whatever i found interesting about communication. Even a bit, but not much about my Online Club activities.

Today, a new blog is born: about the Toastmasters New Educational Program! About how I experience it, still very personal. Personal stories are my communication style...

Pathways: A blog for Pathways http://pathwaysexperience.blogspot.co.uk?
No, about my experience of it..

I have been Pathways Ambassador for more then a year and went to my designated clubs to tell them: "REP is coming!" Spoke finally more of what was created by Smedlay and what was in CC manual. Very little could I tell yet about the actual new program!

Now, I can. And chose to open a blog about my Pathways Experience.


On Becoming a Stand-up Comedienne at 77 Years Young

I am not sure if I already have it in my blog?
One of my preferred movies about me, lately
beside that done for Goldsmith University

"do not put yourself into a box"


Mistaken identity?

 I begun to tell the story of how I changed profession late in life, 3 year ago, in the middle of the recession when too many were afraid to loose their job and find something new.

Each time, perhaps the "most important thing" can be not the same, for the same events, other parts of it came out. I begun speaking at that time of my life and relating how a book Hidden Identity, (with it's Hedonistic approach) helped me to find out what were my strongest points and what I really liked.

 In 2011 November, I told it at the Canal Cafe Theatre. The theme of the evening organized by Spark London, was "Mistaken identity", Spark published my tale with the title:

The possibilities are endless.

Observation: "cave" in French is "cellar" in English but I have mistaken it that day, my daughter lived in some kind of basement... not a real "cave" an old vine cellar in the middle of a garden. But it was really a trap door (with window on it) that was the only entrance and gave the only natural light.

But, my error just brought up more laughter from the audience...

And at the end of the evening, a young woman came to me, telling me how much my message meant to her, it was the encouragment she needed at that point of her life.

It changed, evolved, and I think, the change itself is interesting.

That was not the first time, it was perhaps the third time, as delivered it almost a year before in one of my Toastmasters club.

That story is very dear to me also as it was the first time I got so many laughter and someone told me "You are a natural" go learn standup comedy. Standup? What is that? The rest is history...

From this on, I told the story two more time correcting cave and changing a little, as I do not learn word by word. Now, I got a new view and assessment to that story and will try to tell it next week, with a new focus: Yes! I will do it. More, when I have done it.


Doug Lipman workshop at Witty Storytellers P2

A video of his advices to us. Doug is not only a Master Storyteller, but a great coach too.

Long time ago, far away - #Pathways Level 1: Incorporating feedback

Told first time as "Eastern Sunday" in Witty Storytellers the 13th April
Told the second time an improved version (this one) in Firebirds Collective
after using the feedbacks from the first. Both my toastmasters online clubs,
with world wide audience.

Here on the screen, Krishn from Mauritius, me from London, Moses from New Zealand, Fabiola from Caribbean, Lorraine from Dubai. (But many others from different continents were listening even if not on the screen now. From Mexico, from Canada, from USA...

Thanks Brian, Paul, all who suggested improvement the first time!

You all could suggest me further improvements.
I read again my diaries of that time and met a very interesting courageous girl, then woman in love! So much wisdom already! Some of it that she almost forgot with time.

Alex become a year later my husband, and at age 27 we emigrated, had a girl then a boy. Only 20 years later did I get an university diploma, PhD in Chemistry from Paris. I went then to prove myself to DC - but that is yet another story.


Paul White Marching Orders

in Better Said Than Done Storytelling Show
Paul E. White is a distinguished toastmaster and as you can see a master storyteller too


True Tales - Julie Kertesz, Manchester Town Hall

More audience, lots of energy, easier and not more difficult to perform,
to tell my true tale of when I was 10 years old and the war caught up with me.

There were almost 500 in the huge town hall in Manchester that day.
I had some difficulty to find a "good ending", a satisfying ending to a sad tale.
Of course, "I am here to tell the tale" was already great, but I found a more touching end.

One can tell the same tale so many ways! There are all "true" but how you tell the story counts.