9 recommended books

Public speaking is telling stories, using humour, presenting all together
Here a few of my favourites I studied and read again and again,
Each time discovering new nuggets and understanding deeper

1st where All starts :
the Power of Personal Storytelling, Jack Maguire
Why, how to find, how to shape, how to remember

2nd, Improving your storytelling, Doug Lipman
About finding MIT, the most important thing, links to audience, story and the teller. And different kind of audience and evenings.

3rd speak like Churchill, stand like Linkoln by James C. Humes
Secrets of Histories great speakers,
easy to read, great techniques

4th the Story Factor by Annette Simmons,
Influence and persuade at work through art of storytelling

5th Wired for story, Lisa Cron,
How to hook the reader, delving deeper in why we are expecting, what

Some of these in this picture
from my Books for Public Speaking

6. Be a great standup, by Logan Murray, from London (also great workshop leader)
For all budding amateur comedians, explains some important basics, with exemples

7. Standup Comedy, the book by Judy Carter, 
First ever book about standup, some great techniques, basics on humour

8. The naked presenter, Garr Reynolds,
Presenting with or without slides, but opening up going deep into your story

9. Resonance, Nancy Duarte
Present visual stories that transform the audience

Another time, I will add three more to the list.
These books I read and studied and re-read., they all helped me to progress and added to the total.
I am still in need to study them again, as at every stage we understand differently.

Wonderful division contest, great audience! very strong competitors

Julie, as division governor closing the meeting with ~120 participants
Division K Governor of Toastmasters UK South District, closing the division Contest.

16 speakers competitors in two categories, 8 humorous speech and 8 spontaneous speech
120 audience full room very warm appreciative too
2 1e winners : Malachi and Samir, and also great 2e and 3d winners.

Julie Kertesz, Division Governor closing the meeting here.


One leave, many variations

One leave, many variations! the same can be done with a "fact" or story

use right arrow to look what a fallen leave can still be used!


How we put them together

Pointing to this image, you can go and see others around it, before it.

How we put them together counts a lot! Still experimenting. Probably I should leave the musician at the end.

It does count with images, and I am still learning it.
It does count with a story and facts too.
It does count within a joke, to put what is funnier at the end!

"I begun to learn of comedy at 77.
Everyone was stunned I could make laugh.
Me too."

It works better then :
I discovered I had funny bones, I never believed I had. All those around me where stunned too.


So many stories to tell!

So many more stories to tell!

The year hiding from nazis in Hungary, after leaving all in just an hour.

Adolescent in the communist Romania.
1949 : 15 years old

How a life can crumble in 3 minutes and become 'enemy of people' and loose all created worked for many years again.

Leaving at 27 stubbornly with a future kid and being finally reunited with loved husband. Then first kid born.
premier enfant, quelle plaisir

And migrations, betrayals, jumping up again and again.

Old things, new things. Not all comedy, even if I can now add comic relief to them for the audience.

This was at 70, self.
"Today I celebrate 52 years since..."

Never too late!

And now, after ten more rich years, still lot to learn and experience.


BBC "The One" live: Julie' minute, makes even presenters laugh

Till Wednesday on IPlayer still. I just observed my name on this photo snap of the screen. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b04httj8/the-one-show-01102014

Not easy to see alas because the text, but till Wednesday still available on:

my short part, beside the beginning, is from minute 33 on

But I am proud not that I have been invited, not that I was "in the moment" and relaxed, but that I found a new comic line that made them laugh all, and that I can now incorporate in my material.

I do not regret, that I am not a "celebrity" easy to put in one hole, to express in a short phrase or interview. And as soon as some could think "Aha, she become a" I am already on to something different. Without leaving all past behind, enriched by all my experiences and full life.