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Julie70 - View my most interesting photos on Flickriver

"Flickriver" may show my photos on black background in interesting way, even if sometimes, I do not know how they are chosen. And I believe, each time it selects different one's, between the "most interesting" or...

Of course, one can see there photos of many others too. I like a lot how they display it. One by one, looks better in my opinion that the way one near other that Flickr decided to show them now. True, when you click on one, you can still see one by one and go to the next, and in bigger format even, but still, they are less well showcased.

How you communicate what you want to arrive to others counts.

Gig at Comedy School (back to perform after 3 years) as special guest

November 2012 after a refreshment workshop with the Comedy School.

I opened the show, alas I was allowed only seven minutes from ten prepared. But of course, one has to adapt each time.

This year I had my ten minutes at "Old folks jokes" but I do not have yet its video recording. And now, 10' also opening at Ivor Dembina's 'you should have listened to Ivor'. Went very well, made those present laugh a lot.

New tips to look for when you look at it the second time.

Listen to how I begin.
First recognising what everyone can see: I am old. (Later, then I am not English, but Hungarian.) It is good to recognise what they see and hear, then of course comes the surprises.

In my case proving that we old are "open minded" surprising those listening with 4 letter words.
Finally, toping by telling the tale about my daughter and she "not being there". That connects to all.

"Toping" is adding to a punch line without necessity to introduce, it also give it a more impromptu feeling. Like you just invented it, now for this audience. I top even more at the end.

Be aware that nor in Comedy or in Storytelling do you have to stick to the exact truth about time, names, durations, for example. It is very important to be "in the moment" - so my daughter really called me - but it was more then a year before, so what? I told it first the day it happened.

It is not important when other then make it seem more "fresh".

I still tell from time to time "I am 77" and it seems sexier year, easier to remember then 78 or 79.

Observe how I finish.
I segue with what come before, "I am a bit out of practice now, but" and 'top" again then give my most outrageous sentence. It work very well every time. But then, I do not stop but top it and top it, usually getting big laughs after laughs for the end. It is best to leave your best working part to the end, your second best at the beginning.

Note, that I found the sentence after six hours of workshop at Camden with Ivor Dembina, who probed deep into what is we do not tell usually because "that is what the audience is interested is enjoying best".  I hesitated for three month until I first tried it out. It does work each time.

Added to the routine (and make it grow with new frustrations)
There are some added parts that come the first here, from frustrations I got recently, just a little before I performed this, November 2012, of my teeth.

I also added the routine about my eyes (is it in this yet?) Later, I found a better way to introduce my Kindle (not in this performance yet). It does get a huge laughter as I talk about "size is import - sometimes" and let the audience think first of something else, as just before it I added a part that is about a message I got on Facebook. (see my later gigs for that).

Observe how I go from one part to the other.
Just before I performed I was told that I have to do only 7 minutes not 10 as I was promised. I had to cut some parts. Because the routine has been made in Parts, I could leave out some. But is is more difficult then as usually I put a word at the end of a routine to trigger in me and remind the next part.

All audience is not as receptive as this was. Sometimes parts go better or less depending whom listens.

Video by Spark London 'Mistaken Identity' night Julie Kertesz true story

First told as registered here, at Canal Cafe for the Spark London 'mistaken identity' this video spokes of change of life and about "we have more in us then we know".  And the telling of how I changed my profession at age 48, changed again my life at 77!

The audience laughed, a lot, why? How may I do when I want them to laugh? I discovered Standup Comedy, took classes, and went to open mic clubs. Got awards and lots of laughter.

Now after 77+ performances? I can tell : I had funny bones I did not know about! Plus at any frustration I now look: how can I present it look at it with comedian eyes.
Will I be able to retell this in only 7 minutes instead of 11? What should I cut? Finaly, they let me tell almost all of the story. 

 Yesterday, March 25, they told me I can cut the first three minutes! I'll try it thus. But I have to add the motivation: 'I want my son back' then later that I did. And perhaps, at the end, mention him again, so the end matches the beginning. Instead of 'microcomputer' use 'personal computer'. Instead of 'cave' use 'cellar in the garden'. 
There is a video from another angle of my performance (one taken by my family and the other by organiser), alas I was more facing the audience then the videographer. 

In fact, I told it first, 4 year ago in the middle of the deep recession, as Mystery Speaker to a Toastmasters club near Victoria Station. At that time the title must have been "think outside the box" to show that we could look at all we know and like not only at a job or profession description of us.

This storytelling November 2010 was a pivotal experience for me, because the audience laughed a lot and I decided to learn how to make humour - when I want!  I found my first Stand Up Comedy Workshop at the Comedy School. Then, the second Standup & Deliver, and then later the same year the third, with David Jones. After then, at age 77 I went out to the Comedy Circuit "at least 20 he told us".

As to now, beginning 2014 I have performed more then 77 times as Standup, and have also given many many other true stories together with other storytellers at Spark.

 One of the "secrets" is to go out not to "win" but to try out something new, challenge yourself to experiment each time something. It is very useful, at least at the beginning to take video and see yourself.

That is how I realised that I run out to fast in Mistaken Identity, I hid from the lights another times, and I realised the next time when I do not hide, fast my eyes get used and I forget about lights in my eyes.

Another time, Johanna told me "you move too much" and yes, again I was to avoid the strong reflectors, next time after my opening sentence I sit down and gave all using voice variety and face. It was a very successful performance: "you looked straight to me when you told the stories!" - I did not tell her that in the dark of the audience I could not see anyone other then the first row.

 Going out like there are our friends, not as we go to the "lions den", and even speaking with some before and becoming nearer is important. After you have spoken, they seem to be nearer you, and you to all audience through them and react more, better.
Go to http://www.youtube.com/user/sparklondon to see other storytellers too!


Fireworks of great diverse speakers: Brillant!

The morning begun with a very persuasive, authentic and funny as well of course informative speech of Freddie Daniells, on the new education changes they will come, beginning with the greatest news, the Educational and Leadership manual merges! 

And more and more will be on line...

It finished with Olivia Schofield first time after 2011 in London, not only  was our wonderful touching keynote speaker telling us about her life and it's difficulties, but Monday she will give in London a two hour workshop too. What an inspiration! 

We also had wonderful speeches from Mel Kelly, the Laugh and learn in Budapest Laugh & Learn - Toastmasters 2013 District 59 Fall Humorous winner on how to, then from Carsten Wendt, finalist in Budapest, winner of Belgium Humorous Contest, who gave us his magnificent speech about Stereotypes, "I am not a Latin lover" here it is as he told in Budapest, if you missed it in London.

Also our Polish past Division Governor Jakub Pawłowski, who came back all the way from Zurich, after his marathon, to speak us about "The Traveling Toastmaster".

And towards the end, the young 15 years old from Jack Petchey's Speakout Challenge, Jaymey Melvor showed us the new generation is ready!

It was a feast of Celebrate Diversity morning and full of great examples and inspiration well worth being there all the day and getting then inspired by the International Toastmasters Contest speakers.


Cultural differences

Tulips between buildingsThose are not what I would think of, when I hear 'tulip' even if once I did plant some like this in my garden in France.

They are beautiful and colourful and fancy.

When I think 'tulip' what comes first to my mind are the simple red tulips, that are part of the Hungarian folk art, from my youth.

I lived in a Hungarian culture, even if it was in the then already Romanian later Hungarian and again Romanian Kolozsvar, now Cluj. The communist regime added to it even Cluj-Napoca, to underscore that very long ago Romans passed by.

For me, it is still Kolozsvar. In fact it also comes from Klausenbourg, all three names signify in fact a city with walls around. The walls are no more there, Turkish troupes passed by or only time, I do not know, only one bastion remains behind the Kalvinist church where I used to go, near the school.

Tulips between buildings

This is it what I imagine when I hear tulips. These kind I have seen, well not even in my childhood, as we did not have 'folk art' home in the city, but seen later.

I went out yesterday, and discovered ten different tulip species in the garden near the building I live, one more beautiful then the other. Each with different colour and form, characteristic, flavour.

None is 'better' or more beautiful or more 'tulip' then the other. As none of our culture and costumes characteristics are best. Just different. Vive la difference!

Saturday morning, at Freemasson's, center London with Toastmaster speakers from different countries and cultures, we will celebrate our differences. Admire, appreciate them


Division B exceptional event on 12 April

Book now.

From The London Speaker blog:

On Saturday 12 April 2014 London Division B Toastmasters has a very special day for you.

In the morning we've put together a programme to represent the diversity of Toastmasters. 

All telling us divers ways the joy of the diversity. 

The afternoon listen applaud enjoy our Division B contest finals!

Book now atwww.eventbrite.co.uk

The morning fun and learning includes:

Keynote speakerf Olivia Schofield, International Speech Contest World Finalist in Las Vegas 2011° 

Remarkable speakers from Toastmasters all over Europe :
Carsten Wendt "I am not a latin lover"
Mel Kelly, Irish from Munich,  District 59 Europe Humorous contest winner ‘Sealed with a Kiss’

Carsten Wendt, German, Belgium. Humorous contest winner ‘I am not a latin lover’

Jakub Pawłowski, Poland. Our smiling dare-devil returning from Zurich ‘Diversity of Clubs’

‘Diversity of Goals’ Freddie Daniells, UK. Our ever popular and always active and dedicated toastmaster from King Cross, Past Division B Governor and District Governor, now Renewed Education Program Ambassador. 
Book now at www.eventbrite.co.uk
* the 14th evening Olivia will give at the same place an interactive workshop, book also for that!


Contest at Citi Criers, Area 59 Toastmasters

60 photos of speakers, toastmasters in action

60 photos, my hand hurts this morning

But of course, it was worth. 

I could say "it was not me, but my camera. it was not me but them, speaking with such wonderful body language and movement" and even add "it was not me, but..." but it was me, too. 

I was the one who found, finally, the right setting on my tiny Sony, so it could catch the movement in not ideal light, I was the one who snapped at the decisive moments, and of course, it is my hand that hurst this morning. The hand will heal, the memory and the portraits will remain.

It is important to take video when possible, or like here, yesterday, at least images. As I did not use flash, no one told me not to take and the speakers were not distracted either as my camera is tiny. 

Now, with "embed" from flickr, even if I can not send a note directly to the blog, I can embed it here.